Motorola DEXT

The Design
The Motorola DEXT phone has a black exterior with a silver strip around its curved edges. It is solid and fairly chunky, similar in design to the LG GW520. It has good reason to be relatively thick as it has a slide out QWERTY keyboard inbuilt for added typing ease.
The touchscreen measures an impressive 3.1 inches and takes up the majority of the phone’s front with just three buttons beneath it for the menu, home and back options.
Motorola DEXT Specifications
The Motorola DEXT is run of the Android platform and is the first of its kind with a full QWERTY slide out keyboard since the T-Mobile G1 phone. It is a great feature, especially if you use your phone a lot for emails and messaging as the slide out keyboard is neat and the keys are large enough for comfortable typing. The on-screen keyboard is also responsive and can be flipped to landscape to make typing easier. Its features are user-friendly too and include pop-up letters to confirm a press – just like on the iPhone 3G S – predictive suggestions as you type, and a press and hold function for selecting symbols and numbers.
If you are keen on social networking, the Motorola DEXT phone is ideal. It uses Motoblur which syncs all your networking contacts into one, easy to manage contacts list. All your friends’ details on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace will be downloaded onto your home screen and their actions will be streamed, making for effortless interaction. Updates and messages, texts and emails, will all be communicated to you in the one place without the need to log in to the different services or open applications. And if this ever becomes overwhelming, you can filter the display screen to show only one stream.
Other great features include protection of all your data. With the Motorola DEXT, you can back up your messages and accounts online. There is even the option to wipe your details remotely if you ever lose your phone, and you can then simply get all your data back on your new phone from the Motorola server.
Being an Android smartphone, the Motorola DEXT comes with access to the Android Market. Similar to the App Store on the iPhone 3G S, the Android Market allows you to customise your mobile, as you can download a wide range of games and applications – many of which are free.
The design of the Motorola DEXT mobile is not the prettiest – it is sturdy rather than sleek. However, it is an ideal phone if you want an Android smartphone which is built for mobile communication as it comes with Motoblur for easy management of your social networking sites, email, instant messaging and a 5 megapixel camera for taking photos and sharing them with contacts.
With its customisable home screen, Motoblur interface, Android platform technology, and user-friendly keyboards and features, the Motorola DEXT phone offers a fun and clever way to stay in contact with your world.


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