Samsung W960 – The world’s first 3D display mobile phone

You like to watch movies on 3D? Everybody does. Most of the movies like fast and the furious, Spiderman and now Avatar become huge hits not only because their story and graphics were cool but because the 3D versions of the movie were a great success. Samsung eyeing this opportunity has decided to launch a mobile phone with 3D display. This will be the fist mobile phone having a 3D display.
If you think that you need glasses to get the 3D view from this mobile phone then you are wrong. You don’t need them. It’s just that you have to place the phone at a certain level and at a certain angle to enjoy the 3D image. Samsung has named this new phone as W960 3D AMLOED. It is a CDMA smart phone with AMOLED display with 3.2 inch capacitive WQVGA resolution (240×400 pixels). It has a 3.2 mega pixel camera with auto focus and video recorder functions. Just like other cell phones it has a micro SD card slot, blue tooth and DMB-T TV Tuner.
The 3D display could be easily turned on and off as the phone has an option to do so. It will really be something amazing to use. You can watch movies and you can play 3D games on a mobile phone. Samsung can attract a lot of people through this new technology in its mobile phones but unfortunately this cell phone will only be marketed in South Korea and it is not yet decided when it will come into the international market.
The only rumored drawback in W960 3D AMOLED is that it does not support WiFi. No doubt it is a feature which people really need in a mobile phone and it may pull people away from buying this mobile phone especially those who use WiFi service the most. But still people would be waiting for its arrival in the international market as it is something new for them just like iPhone was once.


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