Nokia 6700

The Design
Luxuriously lavish, the Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition dazzles and impresses your eyes – as you’d expect, considering the phone is plated in 18-carat gold. Underneath the impressive surface is the original 6700 Classic phone which is popular thanks to its appealing design and range of features. Incredibly, this limited edition mobile is the same size and weight as the original.
The Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition is available in a choice of two platings. You can opt for the sublime, fully-plated gold edition or the moderately tranquil gold with silver framing the screen and covering the top part of the phone’s back.
This very special edition from Nokia follows on from another golden mobile phone – the Nokia 8800 Gold Arte. Along with the body and interior of the 6700 Classic phone, the Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition comes with golden wallpaper, a leather case and strap, and an 8GB memory card.
Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition Specifications
Once you move beyond the alluring exterior of the Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition and calm down, you can begin to enjoy the features of the phone beneath. The 2.2 inch screen, which supports 16.7 million colours, displays photos and messages vividly and comes with a light sensor and brightness control so you can appreciate the screen even when it’s sunny – just be careful the gold plating does not dazzle you too much!
While friends and family admire your Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition, you can photograph the occasion using the inbuilt 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash. The camera lets you take some quality images and the camera key should help ensure you never miss another photo opportunity. You can then share your photos online, via email, Bluetooth or multimedia messaging – or transfer the images to your PC using the USB connectivity.
The Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition phone is naturally one to carry with you at all times and the integrated GPS receiver and Nokia Maps ensure you won’t get lost. You can easily plan your journey and find the quickest way of reaching your destination. A 30-day navigation licence is included for Nokia Maps.
As you would expect from a quality mobile phone, the Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition comes with a music player and FM radio. There is noise-reduction technology inbuilt also for your added aural enjoyment.
The Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition is obviously not cheap and considering the price, it is a little disappointing that the size of the screen is on the small side.
If luxury and beauty rank highly when it comes to selecting your mobile phone, you are sure to love the Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition – in all its dazzling glory.


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