Asus TF300T leaked

All we know about this new chap is that it has the model number TF300T. Cripes knows what I’m gonna write next. Come join me. It’ll be fun.

We have absolutely no specs to go on at this stage. Well, looking at the pics, there’s a rear camera of unknown megapixelage, the back is blood reddish, and there’s a headphone jack. And that's all-we-have-in-our-knowledge! :-)

Nothing can be taken from the model number either. The original Asus Eee Pad Transformer is the TF101 and the cursed Asus Transformer Prime is the TF201, however a redesigned variant of the latter carries the model number TF700T. Great stuff.

So what the hell is it? A proper successor to the just-released Asus Transformer Prime? A little 7 in guy? We're not even sure if it runs Android.


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