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Image From: Redmond Pie
We laugh at all the iPhone, and other instant messaging services, sometime hilarious and most time embarrassing auto-correcting screen caps that show up on the web. For the most part, especially if you use one of the sites out there that can generate fake screens, the results from this silliness are fairly benign. The same can’t be said for a new app that has been released for the iPhone called SpoofTexting. The idea is that this app will let you send a message to someone from your iPhone but make the recipient think that it came from someone else.

When you install the SpoofText “tweak” as it is being called it allows for alterations to be made to the native messaging application on the iPhone with a new option added to the top navigation bar. Then when you write up some smartass, or cruel and nasty, message you will now have the ability to send that message to any number you choose from any number you choose.

As noted in the post at Redmond Pie:

Whilst I do agree that the SpoofTexting plugin could provide some light hearted entertainment when used purely for pranking friends, I somehow get the feeling that a large portion of users would actually use this for something a little more sinister which in all honesty makes me a little uneasy.

SpoofTexting is available to download free of charge via the BigBoss repository for iOS 4 or higher. Now you will need to have a jailbroken iPhone and this will only work within the US.

[src: inquisitr]


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