iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III to be waterproof?

In the fast-paced modern world, there just aren’t enough minutes in the day. As such, it’s often necessary to multitask, and a great way to make up some time is to text while you pee.

Of course, there’s always the fear that you’ll drop your phone in the toilet, but if this latest rumour is to be believed, you’ll be able to fish your iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III out of the bend and keep on texting - Amazing - hm?

According to a “previously reliable source” of Cult of Android, both the Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 will be waterproof. However, the source serves the rumour juice “with a side of caution”, and presumably some fries.

Supposedly it’ll be CES attendees Liquipel getting the big money contracts for waterproof goodness. That’ll no doubt come as a shock to rivals HZO, who seemed to think that both Apple and Samsung were interested in their waterproof tech.

In any case, it looks like waterproof action will be the norm for high-end smartphones in future.


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