Plantronics Explorer 320 Bluetooth headset - Review

The good: Comfortable fit; stylish design; user-friendly controls; acceptable call quality.

The bad: Troublesome pairing process; dim LED light; not great in windy conditions.

The bottom line: Although it's not perfect, the Plantronics Explorer 320 is a solid lower-tier Bluetooth headset.

Although the Discovery 640 and Voyager 510SL were top-range models that came with loads of accessories, the Plantronics Explorer 320 is better suited for novice and low-maintenance Bluetooth users.

Included in the package are just the headset and a compact wall charger, with no additional parts to confuse things. Fittingly, it also comes at a reasonable price less than $30. The headset itself has a clean and stylish design with silver and black coloring, rounded edges, and an overall streamlined look. It's relatively compact and lightweight (2.5 by 0.3 by 0.75 inches; 0.67 ounce), and since there's no extendable boom mic, you won't look too conspicuous when it's on your ear.

The Design:
The Plantronics Explorer 320 employs a traditional over-the-ear fit with a flexible, rubberized ear hook. We had no trouble slipping it on and off quickly, and switching the ear hook for wearing on either ear was a simple process. The minimalist form factor should also please users with smaller ears, longer hair, or earrings. A soft earpiece protrudes only slightly into the ear, which makes the overall fit comfortable and secure. Controls on the Explorer 320 are unique in that a single two-way toggle activates all functions, including turning the headset on and off, readying it for pairing, adjusting the volume, and managing calls. The toggle could be larger, but it was exceptionally user-friendly and easy to locate when the headset was in use. The final feature in the headset is a tiny status-indicator LED light.


nokin said...

The led mag light is a shortened version of his brother much larger and more powerful. However, it is still slightly longer than the previous version. Lets see if this light can handle the workload, and worth the price you pay for it.

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