Nokia users share their list of most annoying mobile habits

Playing noisy music, games or movies in public without using headphones is the most annoying habit mobile users have say Nokia fans in a mobile etiquette poll run by the official Nokia blog, Nokia Conversations.
Just over 21 percent of respondents said that being blasted by someone's mobile noise was the most offensive mobile habit.

People talking loudly on their handset followed close behind in second place with with just under 21 percent of people saying this habit irked them.

Surprisingly, only 1.65 percent of people said that their partner's use of a mobile phone while in bed was a problem.

Nokia's July 28 mobile etiquette study, follows on from a similar study conducted by Redshift Research on behalf of Intel Corp. UK earlier in July. Intel's mobile etiquette study found that bad mobile habits are on the rise around the globe as digital devices become an integral part of our lives.

The most annoying mobile habits according to Nokia's mobile etiquette poll:
  1. People playing music/games/movies in public, without the use of headphones - 21.48%
  2. People who talk loudly on their phone - 20.89%
  3. People using their phone in the theater/cinema - 17.49%
  4. If the person you're talking to takes out their phone to text, mid-conversation - 11.86%
  5. Taking pictures and uploading them without permission 6.51%
  6. Using a phone when at the dinner table - 5.54%
  7. Constant looking at the screen, just in case they missed a call or text - 4.66%
  8. Continually looking up every conversation item on their smartphone - 2.04%
  9. People just need to become more tolerant - 1.75%
  10. Partner using their phone in bed - 1.65%
  11. Cheating in the pub quiz - 1.55%
  12. Other - 0.68%
  13. Insisting they don’t need directions because the maps app will get you there - 0.39%

[source: The Independent ]


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