Samsung to Reveal U.S. Galaxy S II Models on August 29th

Invites are going out from Samsung for an August 29th event in NYC where U.S. Galaxy II models will be unveiled. With the original GSII being a huge hit overseas for a while now, it’s about time to get some solid information on what variants the U.S. will see.

There has already been reports from us on which devices the major carriers will see. I’m most excited about the Hercules for its Nexus style body rumored to be coming for T-Mobile. For Verizon, there’s the Stratosphere (though reports say this is not part of the SGSII series) and questionable Celox. Sprint has the Epic 4G touch and AT&T has the possible variant, the SGH-i927.

I’ll be foaming at the mouth until the 29th as my next device is sure to be a Samsung. Maybe there will even be a big surprise no one has seen just yet. Please Samsung, show us something new with TouchWiz so I can walk proudly with my new Galaxy S II device in hand.

Anyone else looking to jump on board with Samsung? If not, what’s scaring you away?


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