Google Introduces Search By Image feature in its Search Engine:

Recently Google has introduced a new feature in its search engine called Search by Image.  This feature, as its name implies, can be used to conduct a search using an image.
This innovative feature produces results that are just “unbeatable”.

Here is a little How-To for using this feature:
  • Open your Browser
  • Goto Google
  • Click on the images on the top left of the Google's home page
  • Now in the Search bar you should be able to see a small camera icon, click on it
  • A little pop-out will open, there will be two options
  • one asking you to specify a URL of the image
  • other option will let you upload an image from your computer
  • Select the second option
  • Browse to any image you want to get search results for, and double-click on it
  • Within no-time you will see the marvelous results.

You will notice an interesting thing that the Google has automatically generated a Search Query for the image, isn't it amazing?

One thing is worth-noting in the results page. The search results consists of three parts: The first part shows the results for the query which is automatically generated by Google after examining the image,  The second part includes the websites which has  Similar images in their content and the third part consists of the images which are Visually Similar.

An interesting feature is that you can drop the image on the Search Bar to get the results.
This Drop may be local, i.e, you select an image from your computer and drop it onto the Search Bar,  or it may be local, i.e, you select an image from a website and drop it onto the Search Bar.

My Experience
If I tell you the truth than I am really impressed with the results produced by this innovative feature.
I want to share one of the search I made.

When I searched for this image:

I got the following results page:

But the thing I want to mention is the search query generated by the Google. Now you can guess that the image was that of  a Ferrari car, but what was the model of that car? Ask the Google which got ahead of you and generated the query f50 ferrari, as it can be seen here:


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