Google+ for Android Updates with Reshare and Bug Fixes

google plus In addition, Google+ 1.0.6 addresses several bugs that plagued previous versions of the Android application.
One of the most important new features added with the latest update is called Reshare and allows users to reshare posts of people from their 'circles.'

According to Google, the Reshare feature was one of the most requested features and it was introduced based on users' feedback.
Currently, the Reshare feature is only available for Android users, but Google confirmed that iOS and the Web apps will also receive it in the near future:
“... don’t worry, iOS and web app folks, reshare is coming soon for you too!”

Furthermore, Google added support for 38 languages, which makes the application available in more regions where the English language is not that popular.
Other changes added with Google+ 1.0.6 include the following:
- Incremental improvements to notification reliability;
- Clearer Instant Upload options in the initial setup dialog;
- Performance fixes and minor UI tweaks;
- Ability to create a new circle from the “Circles” destination
However, improvements and new features is not everything that has been added, as Google also fixed several issues that have been reported by users:
- Eliminate Instant Upload duplicates on HTC models;
- Fixed “No name” issue in Huddle;
- Hidden 1:1 Huddles now reappear when new messages are sent;
- Fixed issue with notifications count changing when switching from portrait to landscape

Although Google+ is still a work in progress and is constantly being developed with new features and fixes, it looks like the search giant is doing a great job so far.
Google+ v1.0.6 for Android is now available as a free download from Android Market and is compatible with all smartphones running Android 2.1 or newer.



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