Vodafone Loses Patience, Cancels Evo 3D

You know that saying, "Patience is a virtue?" Well, it would seem that it's not Vodafone's strongest, as they've pulled the HTC Evo 3D from their "Coming Soon" page. HTC was having some supply issues, so the device was delayed. The geniuses at Vodafone decided that it wasn't worth the hassle, so they removed the phone. Now, I could understand their position, if it was drawn out over months and months (I'm looking at you, Droid Bionic). But after just one delay that will most likely be straightened out within a few weeks? All criticisms aside, no word on whether or not Vodafone will relaunch the device at a later time.

So what are your thoughts on this fiasco? Should Vodafone have waited before pulling a potential flagship device?


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