Samsung Hosting Galaxy Tab 10.1 Event on August 3 for Major Software Update

Samsung just pinged our inbox to tell us about an event to be held next week in New York which centers around a software update for Galaxy Tab 10.1.  And not just any update, but a "major" software update.  Members of the press are invited to attend the show (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.)and get a live demonstration of the new update and see all of its benefits.  Afterward, Samsung will be side-loading the software directly to tablets so that media types can play with it right away. Following that press portion of the event, any and all owners of Tab 10.1's are invited to attend (1 p.m. to 6 p.m.) and get their tablets flashed with the new software.  That means, you are invited.
Please note that if you do decided to attend the event, you'll have your tablet completely wiped clean and start fresh.  Don't want to lose your spot in Angry Birds?  You'll want to wait for the over-the-air version of the software update rolling out to all Galaxy Tab 10.1 users "soon".
Features in the major software update for Galaxy Tab 10.1 include:
  • Fully customizable Samsung TouchWiz UX with Live Panel and Mini-Apps services
  • Re-designed Samsung Media Hub user interface
  • Amazon Music Cloud Player, Amazon Kindle, and Words with Friends applications
  • Enterprise mobile solutions


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Galaxy Tab 10.1 is just MARVELOUS !

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