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The relatively new Nokia 5220 is one of the Xpress Music phones from Nokia which offers a good set of features including a very good music player and a 3.5mm head phone jack. The phone has a great look to it as well and is very easy to use. It’s essentially a cheap phone which offers a good set of features and the added bonus of being a dedicated music phone. There is a dedicated audio chip inside the phone which helps music quality through headphones. So far, we’ve not seen much wrong with this phone at all and would highly recommend it to personal users who enjoy music.


The Nokia 5220 is a music phone so as you’ve probably guessed it is equipped with a great media player so you can listen to music whenever you feel like it. The phone has about 30 MB of internal memory which isn’t very much for music (about 5 songs) but it can be expanded up to 2GB which is enough for about 500 songs so it’s definitely worth getting a memory card for this phone. The phone also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack which is very helpful because it means you can plug in your own headset and listen to music whenever you please.

The Nokia 5220 also has a 2 mega pixel camera which comes in handy for snapping a few shots here and there. The camera has a 4 x digital zoom and is relatively good considering the price range this phone is in. The camera can also record video clips which is handy although the quality isn’t excellent so if you need something better than average you should look elsewhere. The phone has a lot of features for a device in this price range and is also equipped with FM radio with RDS which means you can tune into your favorite radio station when you’re out and about.

The phone also has a good organizer with a calendar and memos. You can also use the voice memo and built in hands free as and when you need it. There is also a good battery on board this phone which lasts up to 24 hours for music playback. The phone’s standby time and talk time is 406 hours and 5 hours respectively which is pretty good for a phone of this style. All in all, the features of this phone are good and we’d definitely recommend it to basic personal users who enjoy music features. 

The Nokia 5220 has a rather funky design on the exterior which is asymmetrically designed to make it easy and comfortable to hold. However, it is a bit odd so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea so beware of this. However, practically it is a very good handset and appears to have a good range of usability. The handset itself is available in three colours; blue, red and green and we always like a handset that is available in more than one colour because it gives users a chance to be unique. The phone measures in at about 108mm by 43.5mm by 10.5mm so isn’t huge by any means and is actually quite slim line in design.

The phone weighs about 78 grams which is very light for a music phone and we think this is great because it’s lightweight, slim line and stylish. In our opinion, the phone has a nice and stylish design to it and is probably going to be very popular with personal users because it’s funky and stylish and is definitely a personal phone in terms of its design, look and feel. However, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea because it is an odd shape – some people will find it to be cool, others will find it to be odd. 

In terms of design, the Nokia 5220 has good software and the user interface and operating system appear to run smoothly together. There have been some comments about the phone randomly switching itself off during calls but this doesn’t appear to be a widespread problem. Overall, the design of the software is good and seems to match the internal applications and features well. It appears to be easy to use and most of the applications run quickly and you should be able to use this phone easily and perform tasks quickly and with little or no trouble at all.

All in all, the Nokia 5220 is a good looking phone and although it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea it’ll probably be very popular because it’s different. The features inside the phone are very good and the design of the exterior is also good in terms of usability. The phone’s camera and video recording facilities may not be the best but they offer an easy and fast way to snap a few shots and are both perfect for basic personal users. We’d definitely recommend this phone to personal users who enjoy music features because the phone has a dedicated set of features just for enjoyment of music.

Also, the Nokia 5220 has a nice look to it and is very stylish inside and out and as it is only £130 on PAYG and free on contract you can probably get a pretty good deal on this phone which will make it all the more popular. For a mid range phone it certainly has a good amount of features which will make personal users very excited and we think it’s a great phone that is definitely worth the purchase. It has all you could need as well as being in a stylish handset which is different and unique.

Overall, the Nokia 5220 is definitely a phone we’d recommend to personal users and it seems to have a nice set of high quality features which make it a very popular handset to own. The only downside is the problem with the phone shutting off randomly but as this doesn’t appear to be a widespread problem we think it’s safe to say that it’s a good phone with good features and will probably make a lot of people very happy to own. All in all, the Nokia 5220 is yet another good phone from Nokia.


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